< Payment >

Yes, you can. You may first check-in and make your payment on the next day after you exchange money.

We are very sorry that we only receive Korean Won of cash, because of the floating exchange rate.

Yes, you can. And we do not charge any tax or extra fees.

< Rooms >

Yes, Myeong-dong Guest house (COMO) provide tooth brushes, tooth pastes, dryers, shampoo and towers for free, (for gargles, please ask the front desk when you check-in.

Yes, We provide toast at 7:00-10:00 am. Chocolate pie is free which we provide in anytime.

Yes, you are free to leave your luggages before check-in time or after check-out time (please inform the staff in the front desk when you plan to get them back), and we do not charge any extra fee for that.

< Others >

Yes, please inquire the front desk when you check-in.

We does not provide pick-up service, but we can book pick-up service for you through local travel agents (Krw 80000 for once).


We will send you a confirmation after you make a reservation


12, Toegye-ro 24-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea (old address: 17, Namsan-dong 3-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea)


Line ID : comomd
Kakao talk ID : comomd
Wechat ID : comomd


Phone : +82 2-755-5437 (24 hours)

Fax : +82 2-755-5436


Check-in and Check-out

Check-in : from 2:00pm

Check-out : until 11:00am

  • Please inform us in advance in case you arrive late or later than 1:00am.
  • Please inform us in advance for early check-in and late check-out.


Right to Cancel Accommodation Contracts by the Hotel

When the guest conducts a manner which creates disturbance that annoys other guests.

When the guest does not refrain from prohibited actions such as smoking in bed. Smoking is strictly prohibited in rooms.



The guest shall register name, age, address, occupation.

Except for Korean nationality, a copy of passport is necessary.

(passport number, port and date of entry in Korea, estimated time of departure)


Damage and Lost Items

We have the right to charge for any damage done to your room during your stay or for any items that are missing when you leave

We are not responsible for lost items. Please ask the front desk to keep your valuables.


Booking and Cancellation

Upon completion of your booking, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please show this e-mail to the front desk when checking in.

Changes to reservation dates can be made by e-mailing us 10 days before your initial reservation date.

Room rates are subject to change according to the season.

Cancellation Policy

  • cancellation on arrival date or non-arrival: no refund
  • cancellation 2 days prior: 50% refund
  • cancellation 5 days before: 80% refund


Sharing Beds

Children (age 2-12) may share beds with their parents. (only one child per room)

Additional 15,000KRW will be charged for additional pillow, blanket, and towels.


Visiting Friends

Please inform us in advance if you have any visiting friends.


Office Hours

Front Desk : The front desk closes at 1:00am, but you can still contact the manager. The manager room is attached to the reception.

Entrance Door : The entrance closes at 1:00am, but you can enter with the digital lock code that will have been provided at check-in.


Facility Usage Regulations

Please refer to the notes posted next to each facility on the premises.

The guest shall observe the regulations established by the hotel, which are posted within the premises of the hotel.


Pets are not allowed.