Welcome to Myeong Dong Guest House!
Located in the center of Seoul City near Myeong Dong Station on subway line 4, Myeong Dong Guest House offers convenient transportation, including an airport limousine station for Incheon International Airport.

Just a few steps away are Namdaemun market, the largest traditional market in Korea, shopping malls and several tourism sites such as Seoul Tower and ``Hanok Maul,’’ a town of Korean traditional houses.

Myeong Dong Guest House has clean and modern facilities and offers cheaper rooms than any other accommodation in the area.

Park Kun-Bae, owner of the Guest House, is proficient in both English and Japanese to provide excellent service to foreign guests, thanks to his 30 years of experience working at a bank, including serving as a manager for the Tokyo branch. Chinese language assistance is also available.

Thank you very much.

With our guests...

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